We’ve all heard it before; The insistent rattle of noise makers shamelessly shaming people for their vagina’s. Perhaps it’s a commonly held misconception of female anatomy or maybe it’s plain old misogyny back at it again. But does it really matter? Anywhoo, let’s bust the myth.

Do vagina’s stretch during penetration?
The vagina is made up of muscle and is elastic in nature. When an object is inserted into the vagina (tampons, etc.) the muscles in the vaginal walls move and part to create space for the object to enter. Thus the vagina stretches to accommodate the object.
After penetrative sex does the vagina remain stretched?
Absolutely not. After the inserted object is withdrawn the vagina would likely go back to its initial size as the muscles close together.
This is necessary for the vagina to protect itself from germs and infection.
If the vagina recoils why do some vaginas look or feel larger?
Many people seem to believe the vaginas of people who have never had sex are smaller than those of people who have had sex.
However this isn’t true.
Like penises, vaginas come in different sizes. It’s ridiculous to assume that all vagina’s are made the exact same size.
Another reason why some vaginas might seem tighter is that during first time sex it’s common for a person to feel nervous or anxious so they would likely clench together their muscles which would result in the vagina feeling tight. Once a person becomes comfortable and they stop clenching their muscles it might seem as if the vagina becomes looser.
Believing that a vagina becomes loose after sex is a fallacy. The size of a vagina does not correlate with the amount of sex a person has.
Do vagina’s stretch out after child birth and why do some people claim that this happened?
During child birth the vaginal walls contract to allow for the infant to leave the mothers body. After the child is born the vagina retracts back to its normal state.
Some women claim to have had the experience of finding their vagina to be looser after childbirth.
This has less to do with the stretching of the vagina and more to do with age or number of children.
Like all the other muscles in our bodies, as we get older our muscles become weaker and start to droop or appear loose (e.g. wrinkles). This means that the muscles in the vaginal walls would not be able to do their job as well as they would earlier in life.
Are there any occasions on which the vagina might become looser by itself?
Yes. Like I mentioned during childbirth the muscles contract and become loose to allow for the child to be born.
Another occasion is during sexual intercourse. When a person is turned on the muscles in the vagina would naturally loosen to allow for penetration. This means that if the vagina feels loose during sex, it’s probably because the person is feeling relaxed, turned on and really enjoying themselves.
Where does the myth stem from?
Naturally it comes from the comodification of the vagina. When women were viewed as objects of their husbands or fathers, a vagina was assumed to be a product which could be used or “used up” and therefore would be measured as such.
Why is it wrong to assume that vaginas stretch out?
Simply because this is factually incorrect and shows a lack of understanding of female anatomy.
It’s also misogynistic. It goes back to the idea of the objectification of women. Assuming that a “good vagina” is one that has not been “used” and that this can be tested by means of assessing tightness or looseness.
Something that we need to realize collectively is that the size, shape or appearance of a vagina does not define a person and should not have to power to make a person feel insecure.
The idea that a penis has the power to damage or break a vagina seems really violent and is just another attempt at controlling what women do with their bodies and how they conduct their sex lives.
Is the obsession with small vaginas the same as the obsession with large penises?
Although both of these “standards” are problematic, it’s hardly the same thing.
When people refer to large penises as the ideal it usually is a conversation dominated by men as it speaks to their own gratification and self worth.
However when people speak about loose vaginas the conversation is not dominated by females. Having a small vagina is not something that women value in themselves but rather something that men demand of women.

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