The concept of “Free Speech” can never and will never be able to exist within the constraints of a capitalist society.
As a result of an unequal power structure, certain opinions become normalised even if they do not match that of the majority.
Offensive and often critical thoughts and opinions are passed off as free speech because it’s only restraint is Hate Speech.
Hate Speech is in itself problematic, purely for the fact that it is a legal term with a legal purpose.
If the society is unequal the power structure will inevitably lean towards those with authority within that society and the law would therefore favor those in the higher social classes.
Free Speech is therefore a means of creating protection for the higher social classes to exploit the lower via the romanticism and glorification of discrimination.
This means that racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and misappropriating speech can be used by those with power to override and silence those in the lower social classes.
As a member of the media, I understand and sympathise with those whom bare the burn of restrictive media laws and legal systems in their countries.
I also understand that millions go without a voice in our “democratic” and “liberal” society, even with a number of laws protecting press freedom and that this very restriction is fueled by the Free Speech.
The question has to be asked: If we are to call ourselves free in terms of what we are allowed to say and which opinions are amplified, than why is it that Freedom of Speech only seems to apply to those bourgeoise media outlets and high ranking individuals in out communities?
We have been woven into the tendency to believe a concept simply explained as ” the bigger a person’s bank balance, the bigger their brain”, therefore granting them a free pass to a big voice.

After strolling across Carrot *Ahem* Gareth Cliff’s temper tantrum on twitter the other day,  I’ve come to realise the extent to which the Freedom of Speech pass has been stretched for certain individuals is beyond ridiculous. So we’ve heard the opinion of the upper-class white aunty, why is Cliff silent on the Free Speech denied to the beach goers or those opposing Penny Sparrows blatant idiocy?
Why did the concept of free speech only occur to Cliff when it was time to support the opinion of an elitist.
The same question could be posed with regard to those protecting Donald Trump and his “Freedom of Speech” and why few are willing to go out of their way to protect the right to free speech for Black Lives Matter activists.
Why are people so quick to call the joke that is Meninism “Freedom of Speech”, then turn around and label Feminism “Man hating”.

Although free speech is a lovely idea it runs havoc is our current political setting and although I am first to oppose the limitation of voicing opinions through laws such as those that we see in fascist Saudi Arabia, I will also be first in opposing those who throw the term “Free Speech” around to uphold their own dominance within this death penalty we call capitalism