We all know them. The fedora wearing. The #IDontNeedFeminism trending. The “Feminism is ruining the world” chanting. Today we call them (or rather they call themselves) Meninists. Using this term makes it seem like a modern concept, however feminism haters have been around since the birth if feminism.

From “Feminazi” to “Man hater”, feminists have always been in the dark corner of the politics room. Regardless of how many people begin to accept feminism as a positive movement and step forward, there will always be a handful of people who are not having a piece of the pie.

Soooo I have compiled a list of the main reasons behind all this hatin’.

1) The person doesn’t like feminism because they think that it relates to blasphemy or goes against their cultural or religious belief system. This concept is problematic because feminism does not have a race or religion or culture. There are tons of feminist movements that work between the cracks of mainstream feminism. For example; Black feminism which focuses on issues faced by women of colour all around the world, Islamic feminism which lends its aims at empowering women through Quranic verses and hadith, etc.

2) The person feels threatened by feminism. This one is a bit trickier because most people don’t realise when they’re doing it. Often. You hear someone say something like “I don’t like feminism because it’s man-hating” or “I don’t like feminism because I swear I’m not oppressed”.

This usually just boils down to privilege. If a person is in a position of privilege within society they are more likely to oppose anybody who tries to change the way it functions.

Feminism by definition is the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. That means that any discourse which may paint feminism as something which has the potential to create inequality is a paranoid way of thinking as feminism has nothing to do with raising any gender above any other gender.

Feminism is also not just about you and your life and your situation. Feminism is a political movement shared by thousands of people across borders.

3) A person feels as if feminism is unnecessary. This lends from the idea of the “masses”. Illiterate yet highly educated elite people who belong to the “TV nation”. Its human nature to trust only what you see in front of you. So if I tell someone that women only own 1% of the earths land, they are likely to subconsciously or consciously counter this with “but my sister/mom/aunt owns a house”. If something is apparent in a persons everyday life they are likely to believe and accept that delusion over facts and figures. This is how it works; gender inequality does not impact on your immediate environment but it does impact on someone else’s, because you cannot see that persons situation, you assume that it isn’t real.

Another problematic issue with the idea of feminism being unnecessary is the assumption that things are perfectly good and fine or that things will naturally fix themselves.  The fact is that inequality still exists in every country in the world. Things will not just magically get better, it needs to be broken down and remoulded.

4) Finally, the person does not like feminism because they feel as if it is far too extreme or overwhelming. This is something I have never quite grasped the logic behind, however it is very common. We all know them, the “lipstick feminism takes it too far”ers and the “Those damn femanazi’s” typa people.

The issue with this way of thinking is that feminism is not some kind of organisation that you can get a membership card for. Its a movement with just one rule “equality”. The logic here is that if your beliefs constitute gender equality that means that it is feminism.

5) The “Fem” in “Feminism” gets unde their skin. It’s a centuries old fact about human nature. Words scare people. In fact, words scare people so much Anton LeVey named his philosophy “Satanism” just to scare off weak people.

The problem I have with people who are spooked by the “fem” is that whilst criticising this they accept things like the “man” in mankind. Nobody has ever doubted that women are a part of mankind regardless of it being called mankind. So why then do people doubt that men are involved in feminism?  That discrimination is in its self sexism.

So there you have it… A complete guide to understanding the mind of a feminist hater.